Oauth with AWS Cognito

Hi guys, we build an App and what the User to login via AWS Cognito – i found this APP https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/1414/ but there is no AWS Connector. Iam not the JAVA Guy – so i follow the PDF https://github.com/Erwin-t-Hoen/Open-Authentication-Module/blob/master/Implement%20other%20OAuth%20Providers%20v1.2.pdf and quit at step 9 – can anybody help me?  Or is there a way to implement AWS Cognito Authentication?     
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The module allows for the setup of the OAuth providers Google, LinkedIn and Facebook and allows for expansion to any other provider. This does however require some java code to be added, but no real need for programming as you’ll be copying parts of the existing code and change some of the details.

In step 9 you import your project in eclipse and can find more information on how to work with eclipse and Mendix on:


I hope this will point you in the right direction to expand the module to allow for the use of the AWS OAuth provider.