Mendix setup problem - suggested code not working What am i missing?

    I'm dipping my toe into Mendix Typescript SDK and followed the instructions on I then followed to create a script to try it out. However, I'm getting the following error to the code script.ts suggested on this page: error TS2554: Expected 1-2 arguments, but got 0. 30 return dm.load(); ~~~~~~~~~ node_modules/mendixmodelsdk/dist/gen/domainmodels.d.ts:583:14 583 load(callback: (element: DomainModel) => void, forceRefresh?: boolean): void; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An argument for 'callback' was not provided. Found 1 error. return dm.load(); I'm not NodeJS savvy - but I can tell the parameter passed in to load() is incorrect - just doesn't exists although load() is defined to take a parameter. But then, why the error to a script on the suggested setup? I'll attack this issue. But need help on where to start. This "feels" like a version difference/setup error. But I've seen no errors anywhere else while I was setting it up. What am i missing?
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