Consumable REST API for current User?

Hi everyone, is it somehow possible to create a Published Rest Service and let other applications consume the name of the current User of the Mendix Application? Thanks everyone! Regards, Laura   Edit: Sorry, my post was unclear: Actually I'd like to connect a Chatbot to the Mendix App who recognizes the current session of the person "talking" to him. The Chatbot is written in Python and I'm not sure whether it is sufficient to only publish a REST Service containing the list of logged in Users or whether I need to "specify" the user any further via a Microflow if that’s possible?
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Hi Laura ,

There can be many users on the mendix application “multiple sessions” at the same time , not sure but an idea is to store the logged in username in a separate entity with the time / date after login.

The rest api can retrieve data from this entity either the latest or all based on what you need .





Do you want a list of logged in users? Or a list of all users in the application? Both are possible. 

You can retrieve a list of logged in users via the session entity and give this list as repsonse via the REST service. 
Otherwise, when you want all the users, you can just retrieve a list of all user and give this list as repsonse via the REST service.