How to retrieve/delete by GUID in Java?

Hi, we want to take care of duplicates floating around in the system as logged in Application.log by M2EE What is the general way of retrieving IMendixObjects by guid [with no module.entity name having to be specified]? The best I can come up with is this:   function getByGuid(guid){ var ret=null; var rs=com.mendix.core.Core.createRetrievalSchema(); var mi=com.mendix.core.Core.createMendixIdentifier(guid); try{ var str_xpath="//"+mi.getObjectType()+"[id='"+guid+"']"; var arr_obj=com.mendix.core.Core.retrieveXPathQuery( root.getContext(), str_xpath ); if(arr_obj.length>0){ ret=arr_obj[0]; } }catch(e){ ret=null; } return ret; } var arr_guid=[ '00000000000000001', // -------------------------- '00000000000000002', // Constructed from logs .... '00000000000000003' // -------------------------- ]; var arr_obj=[]; for(var i=0;i<arr_guid.length;i++){ var obj=getByGuid(arr_guid[i]); if(obj!=null){ arr_obj.push(obj); } } com.mendix.core.Core.delete(root.getContext(),arr_obj);  
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Have you tried:


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