Redirect a user to index3.html after login

I have implemented a SSO solution and  configured my pages according to the SAML documentation  my index.html contains a redirect to SSO which works perfect.  I want to make sure we can still login using a username and password so I have added a login page that doesn't redirect to /SSO/  However if i enter my credentials and login the application loads the index.html page before going to the index3.html page.   As a result i am being redirected to SSO again.  Is there a way I can login to the application and directly go to Index3.html without hitting index.html first?
2 answers

login.html > copy to new name for backdoor access
login.html > rename to index.html and add the redirect
index.html  >rename to index3.html

did the trick for us


Have you tried setting the constant SSOLandingPage  to /index3.html?