Getting list of data from a Rest service Call

Hi,  I have a requirement to get a list of data by calling a rest service and i need to show it in list view or grid.  I would receive a set of records(like 10 records)  but not the total list of data from the service  instead i would recieve  total number of records count. To get next set of records i need to call the same service via Microflow by clicking page number in pagination. As per my knowledge, i didnot find any pagination widgets that call a Microflow after clicking the page number or next button. Is there any other way to call a Microflow in Pagination.
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Not that I am aware of.

You would need to create a microflow to get the next 10 records and call that microflow from a button placed above the grid.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a really large set of records, you could retrieve all of them in a microflow before displaying the records in a datagrid (using a loop in a microflow and the pagination features of the REST api you are calling).  Once you retrieved all of the records and stored them in an entity, you could display all records in a datagrid.  Using this approach, the page forward and backward buttons of the datagrid would work because all of the records would be in memory (or in the database) in your Mendix Appl.