Integrating Sharepoint 2013 with Mendix

Hello,   I am working on pulling data from Sharepoint 2013 into Mendix, but it appears that there are no available solutions on the App Store or existing examples of this done in Mendix as I can see, and most similar threads targets Sharepoint Online. I have tried to check, but it appears that I need to obtain an access token in order to use the Sharepoint REST API. Packages such as no longer seems to work – the distributed mpk file was unreadable when I tried to run the project.   I only need to be able to read data from 1 specific list on a Sharepoint 2013 workspace. I do not have a Sharepoint user dedicated for this task, and info such as user passwords change on a regular basis.   Does someone know how I can integrate Sharepoint 2013 with Mendix, and what steps I need to go through to do this? Thanks in advance!
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Did you read this whole tutorial?

It seems to describe in detail, how you could get your access token.