MSGraph OAuth2 Question

I have built an MSGraph OAuth2 integration flow using REST calls in Mendix.  It works well – when initiating authentication, the user is presented with a dialog to choose the account they want to use for authentication and then tokens are successfully generated and sent to Mendix where they are stored with the user’s profile information. I would like to initiate this authentication without the user having to respond to a dialog box – I am wondering if I can pass their Office 365 credentials in the initial REST call in some way.  Any input or suggestions appreciated! FYI, user’s Office 365 credentials are stored in their Mendix profile.  The authentication tokens are not being used for login to the Mendix app – this is still being done with the Mendix login mechanism.  The tokens are being used to add calendar events to the user’s Office 365 calendar via the MSGraph API.
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