Combination of restservices (appstore module) and restservice Native Mx7 does not work

Hi there I have several restservices which are developped with the appstore module for Restservices. Recently we upgraded to Mendix 7 For a new integration, I decided to develop the new restservices with the Mendix 7 native restservice integration. It seems that when you add new restservices based on native Mendix 7 framework, that the old restservices doesn't work anymore. When I exlcude the new developped restservices, the old ones do work again. Has anyone the same experience. And is there any solution to use both appstore restservices as new Mendix 7 restservices  
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The app store module publishes REST services under /rest/

If publish your native REST services at some other location (e.g. /api/), then they both work together



As suggested above, the solution is changing the restservice location to another name

General property of the published restservice

for example:

use: restservice/prsklant/v1

in stead of generated location : rest/prsklant/v1