Deeplink trouble

I have setup a non-guest access deeplink. When the user goes to the URL when they are not logged in, they are given the default deeplinks login page. If the user then gets their user/pass incorrect, the URL changes. As I am using a GUID as an argument as part of the URL, when searching by this URL on the database, the user is met with an error as it doesn’t match. http://localhost:8080/link/supplierProposal?GUID=0444a1e4-75aa-4c99-9424-c9c0a7333f66 becomes http://localhost:8080/link/supplierProposal?GUID%3D0444a1e4-75aa-4c99-9424-c9c0a7333f66 Notice the = turning into a %3D. This part continues to be obfuscated as more attempts are failed.
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