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Hi, Am currently working on implementing a module for a payment gateway. The integration starts off as Soap then later changes to HTTP Posts for 3D Secure cards which eventually returns HTML as a response. The challenge that I am having is to consume an API (Paygate) that returns HTML since that’s intended to redirect to a website and embed that website within my Mendix page so that the user can enter the OTP sent to them via sms by their respective bank.  Below is the response I get and need to run this HTML and javascript to post data to (https://secure.paygate.co.za/payhost/redirect.trans) and iframe the results from that. <HTML> <Header> </Header> <body> <form action="https://secure.paygate.co.za/payhost/redirect.trans" name="frmSubmit" id="frmSubmit" method="post" target="iframeID"> <input type="hidden" name="PAY_REQUEST_ID" value="###" /> <input type="hidden" name="PAYGATE_ID" value="###" /> <input type="hidden" name="CHECKSUM" value="####" /> </form> <iframe id="iframeID" ></iframe> <script type="text/javascript"> document.getElementById("frmSubmit").submit(); </script> </body> </HTML> I tried all possible widgets but can’t seem to get that code running within Mendix HTML/Javascript Snippet CustomString with HTML enabled iFrame Rich Text Suit
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Have you tried FormatString