Edit swagger documentation (datatypes)

Hi all, Is there a way to edit the swagger.json file that is deployed at /rest-doc/rest/[service]/[version]/swagger.json ? I created a messagedefinition from an object with a datetime type, but we only expect dates for this attribute. Within the swagger UI / json, i would like to have it displayed as ($date) instead of ($date-time) in the model. Would this be possible (perhaps by hand somewhere?) Also, i don't think there is a way to add custom responses? When i use a json structure, the date entry results in a string definition. Definition:                 "period": {                     "type": "string",                     "format": "date-time" Thanks :)
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AFAIK it’s not possible to influence the swagger documentation that is auto generated.

And as Mendix does not have a date only attribute, but only datetime the documentation seems to be correct