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My domain model contains list of user details which includes date of registration of user to my app. Domain Model- Now in a one page what I want to do is there are two options for admin to give start date and end date .. When he picks date for start and end date using datepicker...My list should get filtered as it shows only those users that are registered within start date and end date…   I have written one microflow as below… Also for retrive objects I added x-path constraint as follows.     But I am not getting how to show this list on a page..which widget to use so that I can return list from microflow….Or any news ideas are welcomed.....Also when I again change start and date ...The result should get filtered as per current condition...
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What I do in these case:

First of all: change the cardinality between DateSearch and User to many-to-many.

After your retrieve: link the found users to the DateSearch object.

Then show a page.

The page should have a data view for DateSearch. Within that data view, you can show a data grid with associated objects (associated users).


(This could also be the page your calling the microflow from. Make sure to ‘refresh on page’ when you link the results to the DateSearch)