Connect, migrate and monitoring modules for different stakeholders

So if you want to make an app with different (paid) modules/widgets for different stakeholders, with their own values and benefits, but i want to connect, migrate and monitoring the data and show this to different stakeholders, so what’s the best approach? I guess something like, to add modules/widgets for mulitilevel users, like an selecting the (paid) modules for a stakeholder for every stakeholder. But i want them to pay for every module, so maybe i’ve to make a sort of module store.  Or are there any other solutions?   
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Hi Rosaline,

Creating such an application definitively is possible, but ambitious if you are just starting with Mendix. 

You could look online and on the forum (here for instance) on best practices for creating multi-tenant applications.

On the tenant you can store what rights they have to what ‘module’, and based on this model out the functionality, which is fairly simple. Show/don’t show buttons, add checks in microflows to show either a page with paid functionality, or a popup that says “this is paid-only content”, all this information can be retrieved at any time to validate with.

Good luck!