Null pointer exception when retrieving from OData endpoint

When I try to connect to an OData service from PowerBI, I’m getting the following error: ConnectionBus_Retrieve: The association 'StakeholderManagement_UI.Engagement_KeyStakeholders' of object 'StakeholderManagement_UI.Stakeholder' with data store id '31243722414885136' refers to a non-existing object 'StakeholderManagement_UI.Engagement' with data store id '1688849860265253'. This seems to have to do with records connected over a M-2-M relationship not being deleted from the linking table when they are deleted.  I’ve looked over other forum posts and seen this going on with relationships to the system.owner entity, but not in custom relationships.  I can successfully get XML back if I navigate to the OData endpoint in the browser. Has anyone else run into this issue?  
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