Unable to configure SOAP Request due to missing parameter

Dear Mendix community,  Unfortunately I can't get any further while creating a SOAP request. I use the Mendix Modeler 7.23.6 and followed these instructions: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/integration/consume-a-complex-web-service My first Question is: When importing the Web Service in the domain section, do I have to select the input and output variables or just the output variables? In the green square are the input variables and addonLicense is my only Output Variable. After the first step, the domain model looks like this: After that I go to the microflow and there I define export mapping with the Map automatically function, which looks like this:   And the export mapping, which was generated: Unfortunately I get this error, and I have no clue what to do:   Can somebody help?  Thanks in advance!
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Hello Karim,

To answer your first question, you import what you need to extract from the response (there’s no need to import everything returned by the response). Only the details that you need to address all your requirements.

As for the error you’re getting… As described in the error. The request mapping requires a parameter (an object of MyFirstModule.GenerateCapabilityResponseRequestType in your case) but none is specified in the action (you did not select a parameter in the Parameter drop-down as shown in your last screenshot). You need to create the request objects (and set their attribute values and associations according to your requirements and to the export mapping you defined) before the call web service activity in order to be able to select the mentioned object as a parameter for the web service call (in order to enable the export to know where to get the data from).