CALL REST(POST) Action with export mapping(JSON), but lost the body

hi mendix community I need to call a rest service, and it need to a body param which must be a  Json structure( {‘proto_str’ : ’ sth’} ). I do like follow: step1. set up a export map from en entity to json, actually it’s realy simple step2. I set the Call REST action the right Location and HTTP method step3. then I set the mapping then I start the microflow, the REST service called successfully because it’s return the a fail code which means I didn’t give the json body.   ps: I added Export to JSON action to test the mapping and a show message action to show the result, the mapping is work!   here is my question, where I can check if I pass the json body to the REST service endpoint? Or where I can check the post log? and is there any better ways to figure out this problem?
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If I understood you correctly, you are looking for a way to see the raw Request and response messages.

If you set the log level of Rest Consume to trace, these messages will show upon in the console log.