Date format Z returning + 0200 or 0000 instead of +02:00 or 00:00

Hi all   I need a utc time off set of 00:00 for new rest calls. If i use the dateformat Z function i get 0000.  Am i doing something stupid or does mendix not return 00:00 ? I can do a work around but we are going to be using this kind of call alot in the future so ill like to do it correctly the first time round. So the question is….What date format function do i use to get 00:00? Thanks Patrick
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From this page:

Here is what Z returns

Looks like that is consistent with what you are getting.  Not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but maybe you can find a format that suits your needs on the page referenced above.


just looked a bit further down on the page and it seems like ZZZ might return what you want if XXX doesn’t work: