Check files from a shared folder on a cloud environment

Hi, I am attempting to access a shared folder in order to check and see if specified files exist in there or not. To do this, I have taken the FileDocumentFromFile java action in CommunityCommons and modified it to not upload the file into a file document entity but to just check if the file exists and return a string that is the path to the file. On local testing, I can just copy paste the path from windows explorer into the File field of the java action and it works – the file is found and the correct string is returned. This does not work when the app is on the Acceptance environment. I’m assuming it’s because testing locally it can access the shared folder because it’s all on my laptop which is on the network that can access the folder, but on the cloud that is probably a different story. Is there a way I can have the app on the cloud have the same access to the shared folder as with local testing? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!
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Hi Andrew,

One way for the cloud to access a shared drive would be through FTP/SFTP. Here is a link to the SFTP module in the appstore:


One other thing to note is that your shared drive would need to be able to be accessed through the internet and not just on your local network. 


Hope this helps!


As Austin already mentioned, your network folder needs to be accessible from outside your own network. Otherwise it's not possible. 

Other thing: what kind of a network folder is it? If you use onedrive for example, there are also api's to access it.