Access SAML Token

Dear All, I successfully added and configured the SAML module. Users can authenticate using the defined IdP and they get automatically provisioned into Mendix. In this Mendix App we also connect and consume additional external services. One of these services is integrated with the samle IdP, therefore it is able to accept the same valid SAML token received by the Mendix App during initial user authentication. How can I access and reuse the SAML token received from the IdP during the user authentication process? Thank you in advance. Best regards Simone
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Are you aware that the SAML token is bound to the user? This means that only the users browser can do rest calls straight to the rest service and authenticate itself using the SAML token.

If you want to do a rest call from the Mendix business server to a rest service, this is server to server communication. The Mendix business server needs its own username/password or certificate for example to authenticate itself.