Post method in published Soap web service

Hi Everyone, When i use WSDL file for exposing my data in Post request of soap we service, i need to pass array fields and array values in the Soap request body. But from WSDL file I am getting one String value parameter in the export mapping of Array fields and similarly for Array values. Kindly check below export mapping, for more reference:   Here i could not pass the particular parameter for Fields Array, because of one content string value.   Kindly help me out in this scenario, how it can be achieved.Thanks in advance.     Regards, Srilatha    
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I’m not sure I properly understand your question, but it sounds like you have one String entity you want to pass into an Export Mapping that expects a List of String. If this is what you want to do, just create a List of String, add your single String entity to this list using a Change List action, and pass this list instead of the single String.

Hope this helps.