How do I get a deeplink working together with SSO on SAP Cloud platform

Hello fellow Mendix specialists/enthusiasts/etc, For one of our customer solutions I am struggling with the following scenario. Mendix is running on the SAP Cloud platform Users are registered in SAP SSO has been implemented Role based Homepage microflows (deeplink home mf + open specific page) guest/anonymous users not allowed (project/deeplink)   A registered user receives an email with a deeplink url in it (<id>&type=<value>).  Required outcome when clicking on the link the user should be directed to a specific record Actual outcome: When the user is not yet logged in, the user gets redirected to the role-based homepage. When the user is logged in, the user gets directed to the actual record. For the deeplink login location I tried empty, ../sso/login?f=true&cont= and ../xsauaalogin?f=true&cont= all leading to a page not found error. leads to the behaviour described above. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you very much Regards, Micha Friede  
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The role based homepage always should be opened with a microflow that checks first if there is a pending link. If not it should open the role based page otherwise it should continue doing the deeplink stuff. My guess is that you just opened the page in your navigation.





Hi Micha,

I am struggling with the same case. Could you solve this problem? May I ask you to share the solution with me? :)

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