ID always increments in UI

Hi,  I am new to Mendix and i created a REST API then consumed it and displayed the values in a datagrid page. I noticed though that the ID column always increments but when i checked the value in the REST calls, their ID’s do not match since the one in UI keeps incrementing.     PLus i only have 3 records with IDs : 2, 3, and 4. When i clicked the next page button on the upper right portion, it went to ‘Page 2’ and again increments the IDs.     Below are the values when i call the REST in swagger UI.   Is there something else i missed or this is just how it is?   thanks. Ryan
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Which datatypes are you using locally and which datatype is used on object you get via the api? It looks like you are using an AutoNumber. An AutoNumber always increases, even if you are not committing it.