Is it possible to setup or use paging in a published REST Service

When you create a OData service you have the option to select “use paging”. If you enable this option, you can set a maximum number of objects per response, with a link included to the next set of objects. A client like Tableau can use this to show progress and will automatically keep following the links until all data is retrieved. I would like to know if it is possible to implement paging in a normal published REST service. With kind regards, Giel
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While you can implement paging, you can't just select an option to do so like you can do with OData

That will be custom work. For example: you can implement ‘Offset’ and ‘Max’ parameters in your service, which your retrieve in the published service will use to retrieve a specific range of data.

But I’m not sure if Clients like Tableau are able to use this.


There is a new feature since Mendix 8.2 server-side paging. I think this will be a great set up for you to use. Since you are on 7.23.6 the manual won’t work, but you might succeed in copying and pasting some of its wisdom:

You can see the setup if in 8.2+ (pref 8.4, probably more mature) you add a datagrid to a page with as datasource a microflow. Mendix asks to autofill the page with attributes, like usually, and after that it asks if it may generate paging stuff for you. Very nice start.