Authentication issue calling Jira REST api.

Hi I'm trying to call the Jira REST Api, using basic authentication, but I keep running into 401 (Unauthorized) errors. I'm new to using REST, so here's a brief description of what I've done so far: I created a JSON structure I generated the import mapping And created a microflow which does the REST call using the following settings   I've tried both the ‘Use HTTP Authentication’ option as adding a custom (Authorization) token with value ‘Basic ‘ followed by a Base64 encoded username:password String, which also results in a 401. When using ‘Basic’ as key and the encoded string as value a 404 is returned.  I'm a bit clueless at the moment, so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. 
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Finally figured it out, with a little help from my colleague.
Just needed to generate an API key in Jira for my user.
Base64 encoded the username:apitoken.
And add the Authorization header with the value ‘Basic ‘+Base64EncodedString.