Mendix native JSON structures including object arrays

Let’s say I have some JSON in the following structure: [ { "name": "Bob", "hands": [ { "side": "left" }, { "side": "right" } ] } ] The “hands” element has an array of objects. When this is mapped in Mendix, instead of it being a 1..* association there first has to be a 1..1 association with a “hands” object before a JSONObject is added in that then handles the 1..* association. Question is, is this just how Mendix handles object arrays at the moment or have I been doing it wrong this whole time and I should be doing it a different way? :) 
2 answers

If you use a message definition instead of a JSON structure, you can model this without the extra association.


That's the way Mendix handles it, as far as I know. We are always doing it in this way, so with the additional 1..1 association in between.