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Hi,  After merging my branch with the main line, I now have conflicts on files in the main line. The app tells me to “use TortoiseSVN to resolve conflicts”.  I’ve tried to do lot of things with TortoiseSVN on the files that should be in conflicts (all the files of the custom folder in the “\theme\styles\css\custom” path) but for the moment I got the same error each time.  Is there a way to know exactly how to resolve this issue ? After some manipulations, Mendix gave me the exact files that are in conflicts, so I saw that there where the 2 I wrote in top of this message.  I tried to copy them from the folder of my other branch, to do SVN update, checkout, but nothing changes the error message for the moment. Thank you all in advance for the help,  Dan  
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Hi Dan,

Did you take a look at the following forum post:

Hope that helps you fix your issue.




Hi everyone, 

I desinstalled my SVN version and took the version 1.7.15 as it is advised in the question : .

I now got the following error when trying to commit or update from my app : 

SharpSvn.SvnWorkingCopyException: This client is too old to work with the working copy at
'C:\Users\drayd\Documents\Mendix\Customer_Data_Form V2-main\theme\styles\css\custom' (format 31).
You need to get a newer Subversion client. For more details, see



You do not need to versioncontrol css files, since they get overwritten during every deploy by the scss-files. Don’t know if it will work at this status, but you can try to right-click the css-directory and us the option ‘Unversion and add to ignorelist’