Keep Format when importing from Excel

Hello! I’m importing data to my application using ExcelImporter.  However, the data in the fields (of the excel) is sometimes formatted (e.g. bold text or bullet points). This formatting is lost on the upload, which means the string is just plain text regardless of any formatting done in excel. Is there any way to import the data keeping the format (e.g. in bootstrap/HTML/etc)?  I’m fine with a string consisting of for example: (not accurate but you get the point)  <p class="font-weight-bold">Bold text.</p> since there is a widget that can display the string with the formatting included.    Does anybody have an answer?  I’m using Mendix 7.23.11. Thanks in advance!    Jan 
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This would be quite an undertaking to get to the right information.

You’ll have to rewrite/ expand the excel importer to get to the cellstyle information.

See here for a short discussion on the same issue in grails:

Might give you an idea on what to do (look at the link for cellstyle in POI specifically)