Merging is creating alot of headaches

I am working in a Team of 2 and one of us has created a branch and done some commits to that branch. Branch1 is at number 7. We create a branch called Branch2 that forks from that branch at revision 7. So we now have a second branch Branch2 that is at revision 7. Both branches are at the same point. In the second branch we change something, a text for example (Revision 8). Then we commit that (Revision 8) and we merge Branch2 into Branch 1. What should!!! happen is that Branch1 knows it is at revision 7 and should see that Branch2 has only 1 new commit. Therefore when we merge and we can select a start revision and a end revision we should only!!!! be able to select revision 8 as start and end revision and the other revisions before 8 should be gray and impossible to select since all the previous revisions are already in branch 1. So the problem is that Mendix has a real problem when merging because when we merge we can select all the revisions. Therefore we have no idea what revisions to select. How can we fix this????    
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Hi Martijn,

From you story i find it very hard to follow what you are trying to do and what your expectations are.

In general: in my experience merging in Mendix works ok, but you need to keep it simple. Every branch creates overhead from branching and merging, with the possibility of merge conflicts.

With a small team of only two developers, wouldn't it be possible to work in one branch eg a sprint branch or even just working in the main line? It save merges, branches and worries.

Otherwise i would recommend this source: