URL Query Parameters in microflow

What I want to achieve is the following: - After a user is logged in, he can go to his details page. Before the details page is shown the user will be redirected to another website where he’ll need to grant permission. (=REST service, OAUTH2.0) - If the user grants permission, the user will be redirected back to the mendix application and will be provided an authorization-code (in the url). The problem: How can I get that authorization code in a microflow after being redirected back to the mendix application? → In other words, do I need the deeplink module? If yes, how should i configure this?
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Yes the deeplink module is a solution to this and the documentation on the app store module us pretty good.

Send the authorisation code as the GUID: homeapp.com/link/authorisation?GUID={authCode}

Assuming the {authCode} is a string this can then be used in the microflow that the deeplink points to.