Can I maintain AppCloudService module in the modeler, if we are not using any functionalities offered by the service and also if we are not upgrading to 8 pro

Hi All, Keeping in mind about deprecating AppCloudService, we have got into a situation with our existing production application, which is still with modeler 7.23.8 and is having AppCloudService in the Modeler. We would like to keep this application as it is for now without removing AppCloudService module.  We are not using any functionalities offered by the module like SSO Login or Open Id, application have our own custom Ldap auth. I understand that once we upgrade to the 8, (which we are not intended to do due to some issues) the pro will require the new MendixSSO . Since our existing build is not implementing any of AppCloudService functionalities, Is it ok keeping using Modeler 7.23.8 with existing application with AppcloudServies ? The internal dependencies of Admin module related to the login (Which we are not using anywhere in our flow) will cause issue if we deploy this? I appreciate any help in this situation. Regards, Hari
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No problem if you keep it in your model as long as you do not use the functionality. But why do you not remove the module if you are not using it? If you right click on AppCloudServices you can use the Find usage of this module action. That gives you insight where this module is used. You probably can remove the module with only some slight alterations of the Administration modules.