how to add aws quicksight dashboards into mendix?

hello, I have created a app in mendix and have data analysed in AWS Quicksight and i would like to access the dashboard through my mendix app. can anyone help me on how i can access the dashboards into app ??
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Create a custom widget or use the html/javascript snippet


On your application page, use the Amazon QuickSight JavaScript SDK to embed the dashboard

You can download the Amazon QuickSight JavaScript SDK here. Use it to place the signed URL obtained in Step 3 in your application page. The SDK lets you place the dashboard on an HTML page, pass parameters into the dashboard and also handle error states with messages that are customized to your application.

function embedDashboard() {
                var containerDiv = document.getElementById("dashboardContainer");
                var options = {
                    url: "<signed URL from Step 3>",
                    container: containerDiv,
                    parameters: {
                        country: 'United States'
                    scrolling: "no",
                    height: "700px",
                    width: "1000px"
                dashboard = QuickSightEmbedding.embedDashboard(options);
                dashboard.on('error', onError);
                dashboard.on('load', onDashboardLoad);