Using import mapping, can I map two schema objects into the same entity?

Hi all I’m currently working with some APIs, and want to have a slight difference between the format of the data they send, and the way I store it. Currently, their API sends through two schema objects, with a 1-to-1 association, against an XML schema. As they are 1:1, I would like to map both of them into the same mendix entity when I call my import mapping. My highly complex technical diagram illustrates what i would like Unfortunately, the other creation methods for an import dont quite fit the bill. Using “call a microflow” can’t retrieve any other objects created in the import, so I am stuck looking for workarounds. Does anyone have any ideas of how I could do this within the Import Mapping? I’d prefer to avoid doing it outside the Import mapping. Cheers Luke
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You could do the mapping by microflow, and then create a microflow for each mapping to the same Entity you want to create.


I wouldn't know of a way to do this within the import mapping. We almost always use a non persistent domain model between our own model and the external side and do the final mapping to our own model with microflows. Seems like a bit of hassle up front but will give you way more freedom when extending or refactoring your own model or versioning of the external side.