Escaping a comma in ClientCertificateUsage

Hi Team! I’m trying to add Client certificates according to this link. Unfortunately, the password of my certificate ends with an comma (‘,’). Therefore the modeler thinks that i want to give another password for a different certificate, but I don't :).  So like this:  Is there a way to let the modeler know that the comma is part of the password (i.e. how to escape the comma)? Best, Martijn Rijneveen --------EDIT------- Now I didn't create the certificate myself, but it was delivered by the client. So both Ronald and Joost said it can't be done, so i figured i could change the password myself with OpenSSL. To do this I downloaded OpenSSL, and to use it i was following this nice youtube link Untill all the variables are correctly set and you are in command prompt with openssl use the following commands: openSSL>  pkcs12 -in certificatetochange.pfx -out temporarycert.pem -nodes (it now asks you to give the password with comma ;)) openSSL> pkcs12 -export -out mycertthatischanged.pfx -in temporarycert.pem Enter a new password and verify   Now you have a new cert (called mycertthatischanged.pfx) without the comma in the password.       
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I do not think that you can. Might be a nice addition to the documentation to never end your password with a comma.

I guess you need to do the whole process again with another password.





Is there a chance this creates a problem in the translation of binaries (SOAP integration)? It works fine for attributes, but I receive files corrupted.