Mendix ExcelImporter - Key Attribute

Dear colleagues, I have a question regarding the Mendix Excel Importer. Since I’ve added a Reference to Import Objects while configurating the template, I’m asked to select a key attribute in Mendix Object and in the referencing object. So I’ve selected Key: “Yes, only for the associated object” Does this selection mean that the selected key hast to be unique for the reference I’ve added? The problem is that we don’t have a unique attribute within the table referencing the Mendix Object.
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This option means that the field is a key field (so it can find this object by this key) but only for the referenced object.

The best practise by the way is to first import that data to inbetween objects and then process that data and copy it to the fields where they belong. Because then it is far easier to handle those cases where you do not have an unique ID.