Mendix XMLSchema mapping and working with SAML Response XML

I have an application working with SAML authentication in Mendix 8.4. I need to isolate the SAML Assertion element from the XML SAML response so I can send it to a token service to get a corresponding OAuth token. I am trying to use a Mendix Import mapper with the SAML XML Schema to isolate the SAML Assertion. If this strategy sounds like building a house so you can have a welcome mat it certainly feels that way as I build it and any advice on a ‘better’ approach is welcome. I am finding that Mendix has a problem importing the SAML protocol XML Schema The schema is quite large (33 inter-related XML Schema documents) and Mendix gives up after about 10 minutes with an error saying it can’t locate the XMLDSIG schema. I am placing a copy of that schema with the SAML Schemas to see if it can find it. In the meantime, is there a better way to do this in Mendix?   Thank-you for your help.
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Could you not just store the SAML response in a string and do string manipulation to retrieve the right assertion? Because you know what you are looking for so a findfirst on the assertion might be much easier.