Pusher widget - Error in execution/authentication

Hi Guys, I am working with a Template App (Siemens Plant Maintenance and Inspection). The app comes with the Pusher module that allows to send notifications.  I have edited the app without touching the pusher module but today I received the following errors:  Error in execution of monitored action '{"name":"Pusher.REST_Authentication","type":"Microflow"}' (execution id: 62e46366-c47d-469a-9721-56bcfcbe6737, execution type: CUSTOM) Error in execution of monitored action '/rest/pusher/auth' (execution id: d1d64eac-56d0-40b4-a349-62ba50ac878a, execution type: UNKNOWN) Does any one can help?
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Hi Gianmarco

The Pusher module, comes from the App Store, please check the documentation It might help you better understand how the pusher module could be used. You might need to setup a Pusher account.


Cheers, Andries