Integrate website with Mendix

Hi All, I have an on premise mendix application which is used to book seminars. Seminars have limited seats. In Mendix, I can see booking information like booked seats and available seats in Mendix. Now I want to integrate Mendix application with website where users can make booking from website. I want to display the available seats on website as well. How can I achieve this in Mendix. I am new to integrations. Can you suggest me how can I integrate between website and mendix application. Also, I would like to know in which format do I need to transfer the data from website to application and vice versa. Thanks in advance. Regards, Venkatesh
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You have 2 main options:

  • REST services
    • this is how most systems integrate these days, and is also often referred to as an API
    • in Mendix, you can publish a REST service using this guide
    • on the website, you can use make calls to the REST service and it will return the data requested
  • iframe
    • this is where you embed part of one site (your app) directly in another site (your website)
    • to implement this, you would create a page in your mendix app with a blank page layout and a deep link to that page
    • in your website, you’ll use an <iframe> tag pointed to your deeplink