How do i map a page with static JSON data structure

How do i map a page with a static JSON data structure without calling a REST API. I would like to pass a data structure with hard coded values and want to map it with the page UI. Is there any activity that supports with this requirement in Microflow/Nanoflow? Example:  [{ "id": 1, "name": "Leanne Graham", "username": "Bret", "email": "", "address": {     "street": "Kulas Light",     "suite": "Apt. 556",     "city": "Gwenborough",     "zipcode": "92998-3874", "geo": {     "lat": "-37.3159",     "lng": "81.1496"     }     }, "phone": "1-770-736-8031 x56442", "website": "", "company": {     "name": "Romaguera-Crona",     "catchPhrase": "Multi-layered client-server neural-net",     "bs": "harness real-time e-markets"     } }] I would like to map/associate this data entities with other entities too...
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Hi Kokila,


First create a JSON structure from this JSON snippet.

Then add an Import mapping and add (create the entities automatically if you wish) the entities

Third, create a microflow that creates a string variable, with the (dummy) content you provided, then an action “import from mapping” select the created mapping and use the string variable as input parameter. The output parameter will be the root of the structure, this will be the object you will finally present on your page.

The page will need a structure that resembles the JSON structure, thus a dataview with the root, and nested data views/grid for the related elements.

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You can only link objects and attributes of objects to the page. As said before, you need to have an import mapping to create domain model objects out of your json. If you don’t want to store something to the database, you can use non persistable entities, but you need to use entities. There is no way of passing a json string to a page without using an entity.