How to view Http calls that are made by the Mendix server to the API server

Hi, I see that the browser code calls a β€œmendix runtime” server that in turn calls an API server (amongst other use cases) to return JSON data for the browser code to consume. To ease the development process, I would like to be able to see the API calls (Request payload, URL and the Response) between the Mendix server and the API server. I would like to see the final calls made (after all the variable substitution that may have happened during the microflow). How can I see these calls (in a dev environment)? Thanks, Pankaj      
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If you are using the built in Call REST functionality, set the LogLevel for REST Consume to Trace. This will show you the messages being send and received.


Enable “trace” logging level for your application. You will see wealth of information in the log.


Thanks for that info!

Is there anyway to be able to view that info as a person who is NOT a mendix developer?

In other words, I dont want the person who can view these logs to be able to do anything else in the project (like change flows or change the project state in any way). All I want is that the log viewer should be able to see the logs in real time: He should load a url in the browser and (possibily in another window) see the mendix->APIserver logs that pertain to the browser load.

So there are two questions:

  1. To do the above, is there a set of permissions that can be used that allows JUST that use-case?
  2. Can these permissions be applied to ONLY one env (dev, say)?
  3. Can TRACE level logging be applied to only one env (dev, say)?


Thanks a lot!




What is the reason this person needs to read the logs, without being able to change the model?

If that person is part of the project, then grant this person access to the cloud environment to read the logs.

But IMHO, what do you want to do with the logs, without the ability to view and change the model?
Personally, the only reason could be insomnia.


Theres the logging module, the java of which you can modify to dump it to rolling logfiles, that should be enough for local, on premise, and mendix cloud