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Java Actions - Default Parameters


Dear Readers,

Currently I'm developing java actions for a project. These java actions have multiple boolean and other parameters that would benefit from having default parameters. The current implementation always require the user to select the parameters, while in many cases a default parameter would suffice.

In short: Allow default java(script) action parameters to be set

How this would work: Add another parameter in the Edit Java Action Parameter editor that allows you to specify a default parameter. If this default parameter is not filled, nothing changes with the current implementation, because it can be really nice to force the developer to specify a parameter.

Thanks for reading,

Vince van Noort

ps: allow a default background color to be picker for java actions, which increases the developer visiblity experience

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I fully aggree with this idea. Especially when building modules where a module user needs to use a java action, it would be nice to be able to define some defaults, so that a user only needs to adjust these settings if really needed.