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A tool to run java actions in isolation


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A quick idea Just came to my mind and wanted to share it. If there is a way of doing this please share with me. I am begging. I want a solution to be implemented to the following problem. While developing java actions it is to hard to debug, see or just play around with new ideas. Every time I need to log the result, restart the application and use the browser console. It just doesn’t feel rigth and puts a bottleneck to what can be achived with the current Java API. I know this migth be to much to ask for but wouldn’t be a nice to a tool that enables us to run actions in isolation.


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That is really cool and helpfull.


I was suspecting that it would be posible to debug. Yet didn’t had the time to play around with it, hence the lack of certain knowladge. Thanks for letting me know. I will use it. But I was dreaming of something that would enable the Java code to run in isolation without needing to run the app every time.


This is already possible, you can use Eclipse to debug your Java actions. You can set breakpoints in your code and inspect the variables in scope at that point in your running app.