Inspect variables in Eclipse during Java Action debugging

Hello, I’m working on a Java Action. I ran into some issues with the code and tried to debug it. I was able to start the project out of Eclipse. I invoke the action and the debugger hits the breakpoint. All good so far. The issue I have is that I cannot inspect the values of the variables: Notice the “local variables unavailable” on the left side of the screenshot. They are also not visible in the “variables” tab on the right side, only class fields are shown. Evaluating the variables as an expression also does not work. I already tried to clean the project and restart the server. I also restarted Eclipse but nothing helped so far. If I cannot inspect the variables, then debugging is not very useful. I’m stuck. Anyone an idea why? Am I doing something wrong? - Tobias
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In the debug perspective there is the option to view the variables, I think it’s being displayed on the right hand in your image, this is not available from the debug window (where it states local variables unavailable).


Hi there,

Confronted with another issue I had to take different approaches to resolve them. I managed to work around the other issue by removing some app store modules which caused library conflicts.

I am not sure what exactly caused this phenomenon, since this is my code and not a library, but when I was able to start the project up again and continue my work on this Java Action I successfully was able to debug and inspect the variables.

I assume the issue was due to a version conflict of some sort.


Thanks for your help



If other people arrived here like me after several hours of incomprehension. I found a more recent post ( after several hours of research, if ever it can be useful.  It seems that the variable data is only visible in the current scope, I have verified this is the case. You have to "step into" to get it.