Published SOAP Service - Basic Authentication (HTTP Method)

Hello All, I have managed to publish the web service authentication via SOAP header. Unfortunately Our Client wants to connect the web service via Basic Authentication instead of SOAP header. How can we achieve publishing a SOAP-service via Basic Authentication? Logic I have tried : I have created a java action and called in the start up microflow.   In Addition, In the below code  tried to secure the basic authentication for the URL published by Mendix web service.  However it doesn’t work. Please Advice,
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Ah, misunderstood you there. Second try:
See Erwin's advise at
In your javacode you are encoding the usernameandpassword, but that is the client's concern. Your handler will be doing the decoding of the header, checking if the credentials are valid and if so, redirecting to the outofthebox Mendix webservice.