Returning and passing custom objects from Java

Hi all, I’ve created a custom Java Action in mendix and it works well, but now I need to pass the resulting object around from one action to another.  When I create a new Java action and add a parameter I see that the Object type is available but it doesn’t seem to allow generics, I also cannot seem to find the Java type that I want from that list.  How would I go about returning a non-standard object from one Java action and passing it to another? The basic flow would look like this [Page] → [Java Action1 (returning type FooBar) → [Settings] → [Java Action2 (passing FooBar from the first action)] If this is not possible, can I have a Java action retain state?  If it could retain state I could do something like: [Page] → [Java Action] → [Settings] → [Java Action (finish the process)]    tyia!
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Generics seem to be possible by using type parameters, see

Not sure if this will directly fit your usecase, but maybe worth having a look.