Project cannot be deployed

Just tried to finish crash course, but project can no longer be compiled (mendix version 8.10.2)  
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Hi Hermann,

It looks like StringFromFile java action is deleted from CommuityCommons module or maybe you delete the entire CommunityCommons module but the java action is used in one of your microflow (ACT_EXEC...) in OQL module. To fix this either download CommunityCommons module from app store or delete the usage of the java action from the microflow (ACT_EXEC..).


Hope this helps!


Both actions that you suggested lead to new errors (worse than before). This is extremely annoyong since the micro service is part of OQL.


Hello Hermann, 

If you had to download and work with multiple versions of the same appstore module(s) (or also probably different modules), the dependencies of those modules will be downloaded to your local copy of the project. 

One problem with Mendix is the poor dependency management with app store modules. These dependencies are stored in <Mendix project path>\userlib directory. 

If you keep upgrading the modules the dependency files (jars’s) mostly will not be cleaned up and we had to do this manually. This will also lead to your project build errors.

Please check if you have multiple versions of the same lib files in this directory. 

One possibly simple way to fix this issue. Remove all your appstore modules, delete unwanted jar files in lib directory and redownload the appstore module. 

It is good practice to cleanup the lib directory once in a while for couple of reasons:

  1. Cleanup unwanted files not being used any more
  2. Keep the dependecies in check. So we dont end up with cyclic dependency error
  3. To have more control on the code that gets executed. Different versions of same jar file could possibly have multiple versions of the functions and methods. And sometimes it is hard to track which version is getting executed.