SAML2.0 and Community Commons Module Dependency Issues

Hi there, I have an issue similar to what’s explained in this question here, that is, dependency issues between commons-lang3-3.7.jar and the older commons-lang-2.6.jar.  As was recommended, I’ve tried to remove the older jar file.  However, upon running my Mendix application locally, I notice that the older jar file recreates itself in the userlib directory.  Looking more closely, I find that it’s because the older jar file has an accompanying RequiredLib file titled “commons-lang-2.6.jar.SAML2.0-module.Required”.  This leads me to believe that the SAML module is dependent on the older version (and automatically generates the file when it can’t find it) while Community Commons is dependent on the newer version.  As long as both jar files exist, community commons is unable to call the Java action Random Strong Password without error.  Since the SAML module is up to date, should I instead delete the newer jar file and edit the java action to rely on the older one?  Or is there a better course of action? Thank you for your help!
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  1. Make sure you delete the files from userlib directory from within the project and not from deployment directory
  2. If you delete the file, you must commit it. If you dont commit it and probably if you download a newer copy or revert the code base, then files will appear back. 
  3. As Ronald mentioned already, “.Required” files do nothing. You can see that its size is 0KB. Its like a placeholder to inform why the jar is needed. So no auto-generation is happening

Jar files do not recreate themselves. Did you by change update your model? The required files do not do anything but are only there so you can see which modules are using them. They have no other function. So deleting the oldest .jar file should solve your problem.





I have submitted this as a bug report on 20-02-2020 (i.e. more than 5 months ago!), ticket #96110. The work around, at least in Mendix 7, is to download CommunityCommons version 8.1.0.