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I have implemented download excel on button click from a screen which calls microflow and follows all steps mentioned in mendix documentation for excel download only difference is I dont use file document type for  entity instead general entity and steps are: Download modules – mx model reflection and excel exporter from app store Generate their overview pages Sync all entities Create a template, worksheet, columns and styles create a microflow to call my template and download excel   After repeated debugging and troubleshooting for atleast a week am requesting help to be able to fix the issue and the issue is at Java action call activity it says it requires an input object of type my entity created for download to excel – my problem is mendix documentation shows to use entity of type file document and in my project architecture we use normal entity and not of type file document so my issue is how to convert normal entity to type file document after i populate it with required data i.e. convert List object to type file document Please suggest
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The Java action to export Excel files requires a parameter of type System.FileDocument or a specialization of that entity.  The typical configuration is that you create a context object for the export, make an association between that context object and the List of objects you want in your spreadsheet and then in the template configure a sheet with the context object and the list you want in the file.

The Java action will fail if you don’t pass it a file document as one of the parameters because it needs to have a file to place the generated Excel content into.