Autologin through deeplink mendix 8.6.4

Hi,   I’m trying to create a login functionality through a deeplink. So i should login automatically and go to the home page of the logid in user. i’m trying to use autologin module from app stror but it’s not supported in mendix version 8.6.4. i need your help to find a java action or any method to use it in autologin functionality.   Thanks.
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Did you check the Deep link module: If I understand your requirements correctly, this could cover your needs.


You can make your own custom Java action that would put the forwarded User in Session.

You can do something like:

ISession newSession = Core.initializeSession(Core.getUser(systemContext, user.getName()), "");

and then just make a cookie with that session.


You should try out the autologin module in Mx7 to get an idear on how this is build. The Javascript part is the important stuff to grasp how it works. You can then either export the module and import it in Mx8 or rebuild it yourself in Mx8.

The deeplink module alone is not enough to make this work.