Any way to add External Jar files to my mendix project in eclipse for custom java actions?

Hello, I’m working on an HTML string to PDF converter in Mendix and i want to be able to do this with java actions.  So i retrieve the html string from the Mendix db in custom java code (opened in eclipse) and use iText library to convert it into pdf. This works completely fine on any non mendix project as i can add the jar files for iText in the project settings menu.  However when i do the same for my mendix project the external jars are getting deleted by mendix as soon as i run the mendix project. So in short, is there any way to add external jar files into the mendix build path that can be used for custom java actions?   Thanks in advance, Anirudh
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You should place the external JARs in the userlib folder of your project.

If you start having a lot of dependencies you may want to consider a dependency management tool (Ivy, Gradle, or Maven). Alistair Crawford has a session about this topic on MxWorld 2020.